Set it up once And...
Attract New visitors
over and over again
  • The Definitive Church Website Formula
  •  100% Proven Principles and Tactics
  •  Newbie friendly
  •  No techno mumbo jumbo
  •  No coding
  •  Get your website working by this Sunday
  •  Completely expandable
  • The Definitive Church Website Formula is a PROVEN method for taking any church website and turning it into the biggest asset for your church.
  •  This is a how TOP churches garner more guests without watering down the message.
  •  You have NEVER seen anything like this formula before.
  • With The Definitive Church Website Formula, you can earn visitors as soon as this upcoming Sunday with simple tweaks that literally ANYBODY can do.
  •  This Formula is effective, FAST, and you don't have to buy into a fancy web platform because...
  •  The Definitive Church Website Formula works with any existing website!
Attract New Visitors With
The Definitive Church Website Formula 
In Just 3 Simple Steps...
Watch The Videos
Follow along with the videos,
improving your own website along the way.
Watch visitors come to your site, look around undistracted, and PLAN THEIR VISIT
Inside The Definitive Church Website Formula
You Get Everything You Need To
The Definitive Church Website Formula
Step-By-Step Video Training
This step-by-step video training takes you by the hand and shows you EXACTLY how your church website works best and how you can start using this to start attracting new guests by THIS SUNDAY.

The best part about The Definitive Church Website Formula is you don’t need coding, a specific platform, or any prior experience to build it, and we’ll show you the important steps to generate HUGE interest in your church.

Plus, this is a proven method ANYONE can use to get FAST result even if you have never build a website before. This method can bring you new visitors EVERY SINGLE WEEK.
Inside The Definitive Church Website Formula, You'll Discover...
  • How to get started with The Definitive Church Website right now, even if you’re a complete newbie with no technical skills...
  •  Why this strategy is different (and better) than anything you’ve tried before… No one has EVER released anything like this. In fact... the pro web designers probably don’t want us to show you this…
  •  How the ‘Visitor-Compelling' method works and the simple focus to have in order to literally double, even TRIPLE your visitors month-to-month...
  •  How to use The Definitive Church Website Formula to improve your website TODAY… Seriously, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to start making MONUMENTAL improvements within 1 hour… not tomorrow or the next week...
  •  How to make web visitors WANT to give you their contact info, even before they step foot on your campus...
  •  The simple steps to take The Definitive Church Website to the next level by improving your Google ranking (SEO)...
  •  Plus, we’ll show you some cool methods for getting your potential visitors EFFORTLESSLY crawling your website, wanting more and more the longer they are online...
  • The price won't be this low forever. If you close this page and come back later, you might end up paying more...
  •   The sale of this course will completely shut down at some point and only be offered to paid members only.
  •  When you get your hands on this right now, we’re including 3 powerful bonuses valued at $1,147 for FREE
  •  When you get started right now, you can start earning brand new church guests as soon as this Sunday! 
The Complete Church Website Planner
In this complete planner, you'll get to the exact questions professional web designers ask to setup a website that attracts new visitors.  

You can use this planner to get everything you need to start building an AMAZING church website FAST!
The Best Church Website Copywriting Planner
It's not enough just have a pretty website, you also NEED CONTENT.

In this bonus you're going to get the right questions you need to ask your leadership to find out EXACTLY what should fill your website.

Use this planner over and over again to build out a full website, landing page, or ministry page. It's usable over and over again!
The 20 Free Resource Ideas You Need To Increase Inquiries
Inquires are the cornerstone of your church website. Why have one at all if it's not going to send you new guests???

In this bonus you'll get 20 powerful resource ideas to boost your website, serve your community, and spark a relationship with anyone who visits your website.

Start nurturing relationship before they even step foot in your church!
Build A Killer Website For Your Church:
Because of the incredible value inside “The Definitive Church Website Formula," with the 120 minutes of training and insanely valuable bonuses, we KNOW that this will make a difference for your church.

That’s why we’re going to guarantee that this will work for you!

If you follow every step in the “The Definitive Church Website Formula” and STILL don't see a difference…

Email us at and we will guide you personally to make it work.

Please understand that we do not offer a money back guarantee because this would not be fair to the people who purchase and implement the information. 

You could download, copy the bonuses, screenshot the videos, and then ask for a refund. That's just not fair to the other ministries who invest or fair to our families. Hence the reason we have decided to not provide a money back guarantee with this offer.

However, we provide amazing support and guarantee a reply to support requests within 48 hours.

We want to see you win!
Packed With Everything You Need
To Build A Visitor-Generating Website FAST
Here's What You Get Today...
  • "The Definitive Church Website Formula" over-the-shoulder training - Valued at $97
  •  The Complete Church Website Planner - Valued at $97
  •  The Best Church Website Copywriting Planner - Valued at $997
  •  The 20 Free Resource Ideas Guide - Valued at $47
AT LEAST $1,238
Get The Definitive Church Website Right Now
And Get Everything For Just...
Launch Price: $37
Meet Your Coach: Justin Nava
I've been doing church websites since 2011. I know what can go wrong, will go wrong, and what can save your church's online reputation.

It all starts with your website, and that's what we're going to save today.

Other church website courses give you what to do...but I'm going one step further to show you HOW to do it.

Follow along with me and you'll get the same quality of website my clients pay THOUSANDS for.

So what are you waiting for? Let's go!
What is The Definitive Church Website Formula
#1 - It’s the secret that Justin Nava uses to help churches generate new visitors every week!

#2 - A powerfully simple and easy to implement formula that less than 1% of churches are using right now...
Is This Something I've Seen Before?
NOPE! We are CONFIDENT you have NEVER seen anything like this!
Can really ANYONE use this?
Yes. You don’t need any experience. As long as you can edit your website, you can do this! No coding, no prior skills, no expertise required! 
How Long Until We Start Seeing New Visitors After Implementing The Definitive Church Website Formula?
While a number of factors can determine if new guests will come to your church, things like your reputation, past experiences, brand management...we know that if you can hone in your website for when someone finds you online, you can expect to see them as soon as this Sunday! Even just after you complete the first Unit, you're website will start compelling new guests!
To The Definitive Church Website Formula AND BONUSES!
Launch Price: $37
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